Botanical Decor

What is a Rockfarm Garden?

Caring for your Rockfarm Garden

Our exotic orchids are grown in Hawaii by a family owned small business. They are shipped to us as the buds are beginning to open, so you will be able to enjoy you blooms for months and the terrarium indefinitely. Orchids will naturally go dormant after a few months and can be removed and replaced by a fresh orchid or flower of your choice.

Easy Care Tips

The magic is in the details..... Our terrariums are built and designed to be very easy to care for.

Bright but indirect light is ideal

Use filtered Water in the squeeze bottle and Mister.

Water Moss and plants with squeeze bottle and mister 1x a week.

Use mister to help Moss remain green and soft.

Rocks should be damp

Don't Over Water! (You can always add more water later)

Every 4-6 weeks you can remove the orchid by lifting the plastic pot. Water both the orchid and the terrarium separately and let stand overnight before putting back together. 

Moss will naturally loose its green and go brown within a few months. Fresh new moss can be added to refresh your terrarium . We can remoss at anytime or teach you to do it yourself.